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Monday, February 10, 2014

Journalist Dies From Blast at Rio Protest

Health officials in Rio de Janeiro announced on Monday that Santiago Andrade, a Brazilian cameraman who had been wounded by an explosive device while covering clashes between protesters and the police, was “clinically brain-dead,” the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo reported.

Mr. Andrade had been in a coma since Thursday night, when he underwent emergency neurosurgery after being struck in the head by the blast.

A São Paulo journalist, Kety Shapazian, reported on Twitter that a young protester was arrested over the weekend, having been caught on video passing the flare that struck Mr. Andrade to another man just before the incident.

Although the protester initially said he had handed the flare to a complete stranger, his lawyer said on Monday that his client would identify the other man in return for a reduced charge.