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Friday, January 10, 2014

‘Paranoia Is the Mother-in-Law of Invention,’ Puppet Accused of Terror in Egypt Tells BBC

In an English-language interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation on Friday, the Egyptian puppet recently accused of acting as a terrorist mouthpiece protested her innocence. The puppet, Abla Fahita, rejected allegations from a pro-military blogger that unseen hands had manipulated her into sending coded instructions to Islamist terrorists during an ad for a phone company.

A BBC News video interview with Abla Fahita, an Egyptian puppet accused of terrorist links.

“My humor is not for everyone, you have to work for it,” the puppet explained to Mukul Devichand of #BBCTrending. “Some people, when they don’t get your humor, they think it must be something else. Paranoia is the mother-in-law of invention.”