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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today’s Scuttlebot: Final Tweets, and Unfinished Web Security

Here are some of the more interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. More Scuttlebot can be found here.

The Tweet Hereafter
Thetweethereafter.com | Poignant final tweets from people who have died, both famous and ordinary. â€" Vindu Goel

The Unfinished State of Web Encryption
CNet |  Encryption technology prevents eavesdroppers from tapping fiber cables, but few cmpanies other than Google have adopted it. â€" Claire Cain Miller

Communications Industry Forms Privacy Coalition
Politico.com |  A new advocacy coalition will focus on updating United States privacy and data security laws.  â€" Ashwin Seshagiri

Google Has Gone Rainbow for Gay Pride Month
Search Engine Land |  Google is celebrating gay pride as only Google can.  â€" Claire Cain Miller

Man Who Sold Unreleased iPhone 4 to Gizmodo Speaks
The Next Web |  Brian Hogan, who sold unreleased iPhone 4 to Gizmodo in 2010, tells of his regret in Reddit.  â€" Nick Bilton

What ‘Sent From My iPhone’ Really Means
Collisiondetection.net |  Why people forgive your bad spelling in e-mails “sent from my iPhone,” and why some keep it on their phones.  â€" Nick Bilton

Texting and Talking at Movies
Vulture.com |  What to do about obnoxious texters and talkers at the movies: “In the end, shushing won’t do.”  â€" Nicole Perlroth

Internet Rado Isn’t Ripping Off Artists
Medium.com |  It’s one of the few things helping them, argues a former intern at Pandora.  â€" Jenna Wortham

Lyft and UberX to Defy Orders from Los Angeles
Los Angeles Times |  Lyft and Uber defy cease-and-desist letters from Los Angeles authorities. One hopes there is a televised highway chase.  â€" Damon Darlin

On Facebook, 70% of Americans Have a Gay Friend
WSJ.com |  Evolving cultural norms, reflected on Facebook. Almost three-quarters of Americans on the site have a gay friend.  â€" Clair! e Cain Miller