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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Search Is On for Trapped People in Philadelphia Building Collapse

Rescue crews were searching for people possibly trapped in a thrift store after a building collapsed onto it in the Center City section of Philadelphia on Wednesday, according to reports from the scene.

Ronnie Polaneczky, a columnist for The Philadelphia Daily News, shared this photograph on Twitter from the scene at 22nd and Market Streets that housed a Salvation Army thrift shop.

According to reports from the scene, at least five people have been removed by emergency responders and firefighters fear that more people may be trapped inside.

Lloyd Ayers, the Philadelphia fire commissioner, told reporters that rescue crews are searching for 8 to 10 individuals.

Fire officials also said the collapse may be related to demolition work on the building next door, causing it to topple onto the thrift store and also onto several attached row houses.

Television reporters in Philadelphia posted multiple images and reports from the scene online, as well as shared live video coverage.