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Friday, March 8, 2013

Russians Bring Dashcam War Reporting to Syria

Video recorded from the roof of a Syrian government tank during a recent battle.

As much of the world first learned last month, when so much extraordinary footage appeared of a meteor screaming across the sky above the Urals, Russians are unusually fond of mounting cameras on the dashboards of their cars to record the many bizarre things that happen on their roads.

Now, it seems, a Russian news crew in Syria has brought that sensibility to war reporting. As the Syrian blogger who writes as Edward Dar noted on Friday, Russia’s Abkhazian Network News Agency has released footage of recent battles recorded by a camera mounted on a government tank.

As The Lede reported in January, not much is known about the origins of the Russian network, known as ANNA, but it regularly posts reports on YouTube, occasionally with English subtitles.

Like several recent ANNA reports shot almost entirely from the roof of a tank, the video that Mr. Dark found so striking was apparently recorded during intense fighting in the Damascus suburb of Darayya.

A video report from a Russian news agency on fighting in the Damascus suburb of Darayya.