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Friday, March 8, 2013

North Koreans Fond of Leader, State TV Suggests

As The Lede has reported previously, displays of official joy were quite common in North Korea, even before Rodmania swept the nation. On Thursday, though, the producers of state television’s news bulletins appeared to outdo themselves with a long report on the frenzied reaction from the populace as the nation’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, inspected military units deployed near the country’s disputed maritime border with South Korea.

A report from North Korean state television showed the rejoicing of troops and their families during a visit by the country’s leader on Thursday.

As the Dubai-based reporter Jenan Moussa noted on Twitter, readers who might not want to devote 16 minutes to watching the full report can get a sense of the hysteria that greeted the leader at every stop on his boat tour by watching a one-minute Agence France-Presse edit.