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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Early Word: In It for the Duration


In Today's Times:

  • The Federal Reserve announced Thursday that it will buy mortgage bonds in large quantities until the job market improves, taking the unprecedented step of connecting the duration of an aid initiative with its economic goals, Binyamin Appelbaum reports.
  • The days of oil companies bragging about their commitment to renewable energy is over, replaced this campaign season with well-financed attacks on President Obama from the fossil fuel industries as his allies in wind and solar power sit this one out, Eric Lipton and Clifford Krauss report.
  • Mitt Romney's advisers offered specifics Thursday on how a President Romney would have handled this tough w eek in the Middle East, discussing Iran, Egypt, Syria and Libya, David E. Sanger and Ashley Parker report.
  • The killings of diplomats in Libya have swung the presidential debate toward foreign policy, with Mr. Romney criticizing the president and the Obama campaign standing its ground in familiar territory, Jim Rutenberg and Ashley Parker report.
  • Mr. Obama rejected the Israeli prime minister's appeal on Tuesday for a designated line Iran could not cross in its nuclear program without provoking a military strike by the United States, leaving “decision-making room,” Mark Landler and Helene Cooper report.

Washington Happenings:

  • Mr. Obama and Michelle Obama will host the 2012 United States Olympic and Paralympic teams at the White House on Friday in celebration of their success. Later, the president is scheduled to have lunch with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. before attending a campaign event in the evening.
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    • Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, Mr. Romney's running mate, will speak at the Values Voter Summit.