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Friday, September 14, 2012

Granholm and Her Curls on \'The Dating Game\'


As the former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm was in the driver's seat during one of the state's most economically painful periods, and now she's in the anchor's seat on Current TV. But before that, Ms. Granholm was in the hot seat as a contestant on “The Dating Game” in 1978.

“Cute and curvaceous,” as the host called her, the 19-year-old Ms. Granholm bounded onto the set in high-wasted pants, a puffy-sleeved shirt, and, oh, that big, seemingly weightless halo of blonde curls.

Although Ms. Granholm had long acknowledged her appearance on the show - which came during her aspiring actress phase in Los Angeles - the video only recently made its way to YouTube. < /span>

She got to choose one of three men. She rejected the penta-lingual contractor from Texas who told her what he did with a sponge in the shower. She rejected the textile salesman and magician from (where else, then as now?) Brooklyn, who told her about his other girlfriend, Betty Boom Boom. Though she couldn't see them, Ms. Granholm plucked the model from the bunch, who made her blush with a joke about putting spaghetti somewhere.

Ms. Granholm begged for forgiveness for her coiffure on Twitter.

“I was a teenager in the 70's!” she wrote. “My hair could've been a nest for an entire family of birds!”