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Monday, September 3, 2012

Social Media Site Creates Buzz With Convention Parties


At the Republican convention last week, the big bash sponsored by BuzzFeed at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa was among the most exotic and most talked about, featuring mermaids (undulating in full fin alongside fish in glass tanks) and penguins (sitting adorably in little wagons, with a helpful handler reminding revelers that, yes, even cute penguins do bite).

The Party

Capturing the scene at the Democratic National Convention.

So the pressure is on for the social media Web site, which is now known as much for its political coverage as for pictures of cute animals , to put on something memorable for the Democrats.

On Tuesday evening, BuzzFeed will take over Discovery Place, the science museum in Charlotte, N.C., and allow conventioneers to mix with other party animals: an iguana and a tortoise. The space also offers a rain forest room (complete with waterfall), an aquarium bar and a “touch tank” so visitors can pet the hermit crabs and sea urchins.

No word yet on whether or not there will be cats.