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Monday, September 3, 2012

At Democratic Convention, Rove Can Cause a Stir, Simply by Being Here


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - All was pleasant aboard the shuttle bus ferrying New York Democratic convention delegates to the convention center here Monday morning.

The Party

Capturing the scene at the Democratic National Convention.

Delegates chatted amiably, swapped political gossip and gawked at the grand homes along the streets of Myers Park, an affluent neighborhood south of the city.

But suddenly, as the bus neared the central city, boos broke out. Hissing filled the vehicle.

“Let me out right here!” yelled one agitated delegate.

There, on the si dewalk, was the source of all the agitation: Karl Rove, Republican mastermind, chatting with an acquaintance, oblivious to the uproar he had caused.

“Do these windows open?” screamed another delegate. “I want to tell him what I think of him!”

It wasn't until the bus turned the corner, and Mr. Rove slipped from view, that tranquillity returned.