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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joe Wilson Says Republicans Ready to Unite Behind Romney


Representative Joe Wilson, the South Carolina conservative who chaired Tim Pawlenty's presidential campaign in South Carolina, says the Republican Party is more than ready to coalesce behind Mitt Romney despite earlier divisions and reservations.

“I was looking for a Midwestern governor with a proven record or a governor with a proven record,” said Mr. Wilson as he arrived at Tampa Bay Times Forum on Tuesday for the first full day of convention proceedings. “I believe Governor Romney can come through.”

Mr. Wilson, who is probably best known nationally for shouting “You lie!” at President Obama during his health care speech before a joint session of Congress in 2009, said his push for Mr. Romney wasn't strictly driven by his opposition to the president or his policies.

“I actually respect the current president,” Mr. Wilson said, noting that the family of Michelle Obama and his own family share som e community roots in Georgetown, S.C. “My support is truly for a mainstream conservative.”

As for the convention providing an opportunity for Republicans to humanize Mr. Romney, it seemed to be working on Mr. Wilson, who picked up an important biographical detail from the ubiquitous convention literature.

“I didn't know he had five sons,” Mr. Wilson noted.