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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bomb Blasts at Cairo University Caught on Camera

As my colleague Kareem Fahim reports, Egyptian journalists who rushed to the scene of a bombing near the campus of Cairo University on Wednesday captured two subsequent explosions on video.

A camera from the news site Youm 7, apparently switched on in the immediate aftermath of the first explosion, was recording when the second bomb exploded less than a minute later near a guard house used by the police during recent student demonstrations.

Video of an explosion at Cairo University on Wednesday from the Egyptian news site Youm 7.

Youm 7 also released very graphic images of a frantic effort to save the life of the police officer killed in the twin bombing, identified by the authorities as Brig. Gen. Tareq el-Margawi.

Journalists from Egypt’s ON TV were broadcasting live from the scene when the third bomb detonated about two hours later on the other side of the guard house, as investigators scoured the site for clues.

Video of the third explosion at Cairo University on Wednesday from Egypt’s ON TV.

The third blast took place shortly after 1 p.m. local time, according to the on-screen clock of one live broadcast that was interrupted by the explosion.