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Friday, November 1, 2013

Descriptions of Chaos and Fear at Los Angeles Airport Shooting

As my colleagues Jennifer Medina and Timothy Williams reported, at least one terminal was evacuated, flights were grounded and several people were sent to the hospital with injuries after a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, the authorities said.

On Twitter, witnesses and travelers described the scene. One of them, Bill Reiter, a Fox Sports columnist, said on his Twitter feed that an initial burst of panic was replaced by uncertainty, with no public announcements as to what had happened about an hour after the incident started.

Eric Kayne, a Houston-based photographer, posted images on his Twitter feed showing travelers being shuttled away to a secure area.

John Forstrom, another person who was at the airport, posted descriptions of people running away from the gunfire and of evacuations to other buildings in the airport.

â€" John Forstrom (@jforstrom) 1 Nov 13

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