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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today’s Scuttlebot: The Release of iOS 7, and the Constitutional Protection of the ‘Like’

Every day, The New York Times’s staff scours the Web for interesting and peculiar items.

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS7, was released to the world today. It is the most significant software change the company has made to its mobile platform since it first released the iPhone in 2007, and The Times’s personal technology columnist, David Pogue, called the updates radical.

“The look of iOS 7 is sparse, white â€" almost plain in spots. No more fake leather, fake wood grain, fake green felt, fake yellow note paper. It’s all blue Helvetica Neue against white,” he wrote.

Here’s what else we noticed today:

How to Use iOS 7
Wired |  When you update to iOS7, many of the familiar commands and gestures will change. Here’s a guide to your new phone. - Jenna Wortham

Court: Facebook ‘Like’ Is Protected by the First Amendment
The Wall Street Journal |  Court “likes” the argument that Americans have a constitutional right to like things on Facebook. (Subscription required.) - Vindu Goel

High Schooler’s Facebook Post Can Constitute the Crime of Menacing
Technology & Marketing Law Blog |  Are online threats the new version of yelling fire into a crowded theater? A look at one Facebook post found to induce panic. - Amy O’Leary

Swisscom Data Stolen
The Wall Street Journal |  Oops. Tapes that may contain customer data were stolen from Swisscom. (Subscription required.) - Victoria Shannon

Linkedin Challenges U.S. Government on Data Requests
BBC |  Most of the data requests to LinkedIn come from the U.S. government â€" not even including national security requests. - Victoria Shannon