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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today’s Scuttlebot: Former Windows Boss Goes to Andreessen, and Dear Miss Disruption

Every day, The New York Times’s staff scours the Web for interesting and peculiar items.

Steven Sinofsky, a former Microsoft executive, announced on Thursday that he would be joining Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm, as a board partner.

As the leader of Windows, Mr. Sinofsky was widely admired for his effectiveness in running one of the biggest and most important software development organizations on the planet. He was also seen as abrasive, and the discord engendered between him and Steve Ballmer, the chief executive of Microsoft, ultimately led to Mr. Sinofsky’s departure from the company in November.

Kara Swisher, writing for All Things D, noted that for a man who is known for being “relentlessly curious,” he’d likely be a good fit for the tech scene in Silicon Valley. The news also generated a bit of snark from at least one observer, who wondered if the move was akin to a senator joining a lobbying firm after leaving Congress.

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