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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

California Teenager Answers Questions About Kidnapping

Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old California girl rescued last weekend in the Idaho wilderness after being held hostage for six days, shared extraordinary details of her ordeal as she fielded dozens of questions on a social media account, since deleted, that her family and friends say belonged to her.

Hannah AndersonSan Diego Sheriff’s Department, via Associated Press Hannah Anderson

Ms. Anderson was abducted by a longtime family friend, James Lee DiMaggio, 40, who is suspected of killing her mother, Christina Anderson, and 8-year-old brother, Ethan, and setting his home east of San Diego on fire. He was shot and killed by F.B.I. agents on Saturday during the rescue operation.

In the exchanges, Ms. Anderson publicly mourned the loss of her mother and brother. She also explained why she had not spoken up when people on horseback came upon her and Mr. DiMaggio hiding in the wilderness, saying she had not wanted them to be killed.

One person asked, “Do you wish u could have killed him?” She replied, “I could never kill someone.”

But, when asked whether she would have preferred that he spend his life in prison, she said, “He deserved what he got.”

While the authorities would not confirm that Ms. Anderson was behind the open and candid exchange on her longtime Ask.fm account, family members told NBC News that the account belonged to her. She answered questions from late Monday until the account was closed on Wednesday.

People asked a wide range of questions, including how she managed during her captivity and how she was coping with the loss of her mother and brother. Here are unedited excerpts of some of the exchanges:

So your mom and eathan were just at his house for no reason and the thing went off and they caught of fire and burned?

He told us he was losing his house because of money issues so we went up there one last time to support him, and to have fun riding go karts up there but he tricked us.

Y was it uncomfortable to see ur dad?

Well personally it’s kinda hard to see any guy adult right now.

Do you know why he did it?

Because he’s physco

I hope he burns in hell.

Me too.

Did he tell u that he had a crush on u or was that a roomer?

Yes he did he said it was more of a family crush like he had feelings as in he wanted nothing bad to happen to me.

Why didn’t you tell your parents he creeped you out?

Because he was a close family friend and my dads Bestfriend and I didn’t want to ruin anything between them.

What were you doing when they found you?

Sitting on the ground.

Did u cry a lot?


Happy your ok. Stay strong don’t have to answer this but did he do anything sexual in any way?

Can’t answer that.

Did he make you help him put the tree branches on his car?

Yes he threatened me if I didn’t help.

What things did you loose in the fire?

My family. Phone. iPod. My dog. My ID some money.

Do you wish u could have killed him?

I could never kill someone.

Are you happier they shot him or would you have wanted him to have life in prison?

Shot him. He deserved what he got.

Did u talk to hikers? When u were in the woods? Cuz the news said that the hikers said that u were calm

I had to act calm I didn’t want them to get hurt. I was scared that he would kill them.

She also answered questions about her favorite color (pink), what she wanted to be when she grew up (a firefighter) and the man she hoped to marry (Zac Efron).

Asked if she believed in God, she responded, “Absolutely.”

When a question came from a group of people identifying themselves as reporters, seeking to interview her, she replied: “No please leave me alone. All you guys don’t know the story. And don’t need too. You already got a lot of things mixed up. So please just leave me and my family alone so we can heal. Thank you.”

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