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Monday, April 22, 2013

Today’s Scuttlebot: Amazon Pilots, and Facebook in Iowa

Here are some of the more interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. More Scuttlebot can be found here.

Facebook Home Passes 500,000 Installations on Google Play in First Week
The Next Web |  Facebook Home gets poor reviews in first week on the Google Play store. â€" Vindu Goel

Facebook Is Said to Be Behind $1 Billion Data Center in Iowa
Blogs.desmoinesregister.com |  Facebook goes to Iowa to add another data center. Says it is looking for a place with low disaster risk. Tornadoes? â€" Damon Darlin

‘Aurora’ Cyber Attackers Were Really Running CounterIntelligence
Cio.com.au |  Google always said its 2010 cyberattackers were after activists’ Gmail accounts. Microsoft thinks they were after more. â€" Nicole Perlroth

Arbor Networks Security Findings
Arbornetworks.com |  Denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks are becoming a bigger nuisance. â€" Nicole Perlroth

Why Developers Are Leaving the Facebook Platform
Andrewchen.co |  An interesting blog post on why Facebook has become an undesirable platform for startups to build a business around. â€" Brian X. Chen

NamcoBandai Bravely Prices Its Apple Games at $55
Venturebeat.com |  $155, if you buy all three parts. Instead of free and low-price mobile games, one company asks console gaming price. â€" Quentin Hardy

Restart Me Back Up
The Verge |  Your old friend, the Start button, may be returning to the next version of Windows. â€" Nick Wingfield

Digital Cameras for Dogs
Sony.jp |  Sony’s high-definition camera goes on skiers and scuba divers. Next week in Japan there will be a dog harness for it, too. â€" Quentin Hardy

‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Gets an App. ‘The Far Side’ Holds Out.
Slate.com |  It’s part of the GoComics app, with “Doonesbury” and “Dilbert.” But Gary Larson has resisted the online route. â€" Howell Murray

Yahoo Brings Summly to iPhone App
CNet Green Tech |  Yahoo continues to unleash a tsunami of new mobile apps. â€" Jenna Wortham

Super Mario and Artificial Intelligence
Newyorker.com |  What would it take to build a machine as smart as humans? Maybe Super Mario Bros. can answer that question. â€" Nick Bilton

Pilot Season on Amazon Instant Video
Amazon.com |  Amazon’s original content is now online â€" and the company wants viewers to vote on which get turned into full shows. â€" Jenna Wortham