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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Failed Robbery Immortalized on Video

When police officers in the California town of Redding arrived at the scene of an attempted robbery one night earlier this month, they had little to go on, save for a blaring alarm and a broken window. Then they looked at the security-camera video. The tape revealed, as Anthony DeRosa of Reuters observed, an 18-second masterclass in “How Not to Rob a Convenience Store.”

Surveillance-camera video, posted on YouTube by the Redding Record Searchlight, shows a failed attempt to rob a market in Redding, Calif.

The Redding Police Department has asked the public for help in identifying the suspect, who made life easier for the authorities by wearing a distinctive outfit and showing his face on camera before pulling down a stocking to conceal it.

The video, posted on YouTube by the Redding Record Searchlight, also shows that moments after he hurled a rock at the sliding-glass front door of Kent’s Meats & Groceries, triggering the alarm, the would-be robber apparently thought better of his crime and immediately turned to run away. Perhaps unable to see through his stocking, the man then fell twice as he made his getaway.