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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ask About the Supreme Court Hearings on Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next week in a pair of cases challenging laws relating to same-sex marriage. On Tuesday, lawyers will argue a challenge to California’s gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, and the next day, the justices will hear a challenge to the federal law known as the Defense of Marriage Act.

As Adam Liptak, The Times’s Supreme Court reporter, wrote in December, the decision to schedule the two cases together puts the court in “the middle of one of the most important social controversies of the day.”

The Times will be covering both cases and the court will release same-day recordings of the oral arguments. In the meantime, The Times wants to hear your questions about the cases, who brought them, who will be arguing in favor of and against the laws and how the two cases differ.

Post a comment below with your question or send us a message on Twitter using the hashtag #AskNYT. Our reporters and editors will answer your questions early next week.