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Friday, February 8, 2013

Social Media Images From Tunisia, as an Opposition Leader Is Buried

Video from the Tunisian news site Jadal showed clashes on Friday in Tunis during the funeral of an opposition leader.

Activists, bloggers and journalists in Tunisia posted a stream of images on social networks Friday, showing thousands of mourners packed into the largest cemetery in the capital, Tunis, for the funeral of Chokri Belaid, a leading opposition figure assassination two days ago triggered a wave of street protests against the Islamist ruling party.

Among those uploading images of the funeral â€" which took place as the poice fired tear gas at protesters and cars were set on fire during clashes outside the graveyard â€" were my colleagues Kareem Fahim and Tara Todras-Whitehill, Thierry Brésillon of the French news site Rue 89, and Tunisian activists including Selim Kharrat of the rights organization Al Bawsala.

In video streamed live during the funeral by the activist blogger Slim Amamou, the 2011 revolutionary chant calling for the downfall of the regime could be heard echoing around the graveyard.

Acha3b Yurid Isqat Al Nidham http://t.co/VPkX3JDq

â€" Slim Amamou (@slim404) 8 Feb 13

A photograph in a set uploaded to Facebook by the blogger Mon Massir appeared to show that even the late opposition leader’s young daughter was forced to shield her face from the tear gas fired by the police.