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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Early Word: Finally

Today's Times

  • Consider yourself an armchair pundit? Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg have composed a guide on what to look for as election night unfolds.
  • The ads may stop running and the rallies will cease, but Ohio's choice for president may not be known until December, John M. Broder reports. The all-important swing state has a labyrinthine recount procedure that ensures weeks of delay and the likelihood that campaign lawyers will be busy for quite some time.
  • As the campaigning comes to an end, the gulf between cable news channels is expanding, especially when it comes to coverage of a particular party and candidate. Jeremy W. Peters looks at how MSNBC and FOX News have pushed their partisan stridency to new levels.

 Around the Web

  • Rapper Jay-Z made the line famous, but Mayor Cory Booker of Newark made it viral, The Huffington Post reports.