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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Early Word: Entanglements

Today's Times

  • Gen. George R. Allen has become ensnared in the spreading investigation of the affair involving David H. Petraeus, the former C.I.A. director. But he still has the support of the White House, Eric Schmitt and Elisabeth Bumiller write. In a news analysis, Scott Shane examines how the F.B.I. inquiry underscores a danger that civil libertarians have long warned about: that in policing the Web for crime, espionage and sabotage, government investigators will unavoidably invade the private lives of Americans.
  • Compounding pharmacies have staved off tougher federal oversight with the help of Congressional allies, but the pharmacists are now facing a huge regulatory threat over questions about the nation's deadly meningitis outbreak, Eric Lichtblau and Sabrina Tavernise report.
  • Now that Election Day is over, there is the matter of choosing the parties' Congressional leadership, Jonathan Weisman reports. For Republicans, tha t choice could become a battle to shape the party's direction. On the Democratic side, Representative Nancy Pelosi will clear up one question on Wednesday when she announces whether she will seek another term as minority leader. And Senator-elect Angus King of Maine, an independent, said he was likely to say Wednesday which party he would caucus with.
  • Representative Paul D. Ryan's blunt explanation for the defeat of the Republican presidential ticket â€" that turnout in urban areas helped President Obama win â€" comes on the heels of other Republicans who argue that the party's lack of appeal to minorities has made it more difficult to win the presidency, Michael D. Shear and Jennifer Steinhauer write.

Around the Web

  • Not a single person voted on Election Day in Ward 10, Precinct 3B in Minneapolis, probably because that precinct is in located in a lake, The Star Tribune reports. Ladies and gentlemen, redistricting.
  • Sena tor Michael Bennet of Colorado has been offered the job as chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Politico reports.
  • Nancy Pelosi took time on her first day back on the Hill host a social visit from former Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, Politico reports.

Happenings in Washington

  • President Obama will have a news conference at 1:30 p.m. He and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will also attend a meeting with business leaders to discuss deficit reduction.