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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney to Visit Pennsylvania on Sunday

PHILADELPHIA - With signs of the presidential race tightening in Pennsylvania, a state long considered out of his reach, Mitt Romney is planning a last-minute visit to the state.

The Romney campaign confirmed on Thursday that the Republican nominee will hold a rally on Sunday, likely in the Philadelphia area, but it did not have a location set.

Earlier this week, the campaign and a pro-Romney “super PAC” made an advertising push into Pennsylvania, a state that has been considered strong for President Obama.

Because of the surge of Republican ads, the Obama campaign was forced to spend more than $1.5 million here this week - money it could have used elsewhere. An Obama campaign official said Wednesday that it was not taking the state for granted and would further increase its advertising in the state.

A poll released this week by The Philadelphia Inquirer showed Mr. Obama ahead by 6 points. In an Inquirer poll conducted Oct. 23 through Oct. 25, t he president had an 8 point advantage.

Pennsylvania remains a tough battle for Mr. Romney. No Republican has carried the state in the presidential race since 1988.

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