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Friday, November 30, 2012

Iranian Channel Reports Bomb Outside Its Office in Damascus

Iran's state-owned satellite channel Press TV reports that a bomb destroyed six vehicles, including a satellite news truck near the broadcaster's office in Damascus early on Friday.

Video posted on a YouTube account associated with Hussein Mortada, a Lebanese supporter of the Syrian government who directs coverage of Syria for Press TV and the Iranian government's Arabic-language satellite channel, Al Alam, was said to capture the blast. The surveillance-camera video is quite dark but, according to Press TV, the bombing took place just “after a man was caught on camera sticking something to a car.”

Video said to show an explosion in Damascus early on Friday outside the office of an Iranian satellite channel.

A second video clip posted on the same YouTube account on Friday, despite reports that the Internet remains down in Syria, appeared to offer a glimpse of a road near the airport in Damascus, and a government checkpoint, with the sounds of fighting in the distance. Fighting was reported near the airport on Thursday.

Video said to show a road near the airport in Damascus, the Syrian capital, on Friday.