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Monday, November 5, 2012

App Snapshot: Ohio Ground Zero

The Election 2012 App

The Election 2012 app has a crash course in Ohio: geography, history, law and even religion (the Amish vote). Throughout the campaign, we've been gathering essential politics news from The Times and around the Web, and tomorrow evening, the app will be unlocked as we roll out live election results, video and other coverage.


  • ‘5 Ohios' Analyzed in Swing State
    Each party has its strongholds where it wants to maximize turnout, but it's clear why Central Ohio has become a focus of both campaigns. (The Associated Press)
  • How Long Will Election Day Last in Ohio?
    A primer, with some worst-case scenarios, for a potentially drawn-out process in the Buckeye State that could last until Thanksgiving or beyond. (Yahoo! News)
  • Getting Out the Amish Vote
    Ohio and Pennsylvania each have about 60,000 Amish citizens, but members of the Christian sect rarely vote. A look at how a conservative activist is trying to change that. (World Magazine)
  • From the Primaries to Portmania, 5 Events That Shaped the Presidential Race in Ohio
    The prolonged primaries, bypassing Senator Rob Portman as a running mate, early voting fights, Mitt Romney's first debate victory and Hurricane Sandy were crucial moments in arguably the most important swing state. (The Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • Election Guide: Ohio