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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

White House Releases Transcript of Register Talk

How badly does President Obama want to win The Des Moines Register endorsement?
Badly enough, it seems, that the White House reversed course Wednesday and released a transcript of a conversation Mr. Obama had one day earlier with the newspaper's editor and publisher that had been deemed off-the-record.
“I want your endorsement,” the president said, adding: “You'll feel better when you give it.”
Iowa's six electoral votes are a critical piece to the Electoral College puzzle. Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney are both visiting the state on Wednesday.
But a dustup over the off-the-record demand had threatened to compete with Mr. Obama's campaign rally in Davenport, so the White House released the interview with The Des Moines Register in which the president argued his case for a second-term.
“You guys have seen me up close,” Mr. Obama said. “I wouldn't be on the national stage had it not been for the people of Iowa.
The newspaper will an nounce its endorsement on Saturday evening.