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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Reading: Web Tools Cut Wait Time at Doctor\'s Office

A variety of consumer-focused articles appears daily in The New York Times and on our blogs. Each weekday morning, we gather them together here so you can quickly scan the news that could hit you in your wallet.

  • F.D.A. warns of other risks from tainted drugs. (National)
  • Fatal E. Coli outbreak tied to county fair. (National)
  • Well-off would benefit from student debt-relief plan, study says. (Business)
  • Airlines likely to match Southwest's fare increase. (Business)
  • Hospitals ditch formula samples to promote breastfeeding. (Science Times)
  • A spotlight on compounded medicines. (Well)
  • Allergies on the move. (Well)
  • Can a computer tell how you really feel? (Science Times)
  • Web tools help reduce waiting time at the doctor. (Well)
  • Myths of running barefoot, etc. (Well)
  • Options in treating incontinence. (Well)
  • Steroid shot near spine gives illness an opening. (Science Times)
  • An E.V . charger goes portable. (Wheels)
  • Converting Word files into an e-book. (Gadgetwise)