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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Weekend Word: On the Job


Today's Times

  • The jobless rate dropped to its lowest level since President Obama took office, lending support to his case that the economy is recovering and threatening the central argument of Mitt Romney's campaign, Shaila Dewan and Mark Landler report.
  • Though Mr. Romney boasted in Wednesday's debate of his stellar record in working with both political parties as Massachusetts governor, a closer examination of his tenure looks considerably less burnished, Michael Wines writes.
  • President Obama's campaign snagged another victory against Republicans in its legal battles over voting issues, with a court restoring early voting for residents in Ohio, Michael D. Shear writes.
  • Democratic lawmakers are starting a counterweight to Republican efforts to require photo identification on Election Day by passing legislation that would make it easier for people to register to vote, Ian Lovett reports.
  • Weekly Address

    • President Obama listed a few of his administration's accomplishments â€" including Friday's jobs report â€" arguing that too much progress was being made to change course now. Though many are still unemployed, he said, “we owe it to them to keep moving forward.” He added: “Republicans in Congress need to stop trying to refight the battles of the past few years, and finally start doing something to actually help the middle class get ahead. Ask them to get back to work and get these things done.”