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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Reading: My Phone Number\'s Other Woman

A variety of consumer-focused articles appears daily in The New York Times and on our blogs. Each weekday morning, we gather them together here so you can quickly scan the news that could hit you in your wallet.

  • Running in circles with Sears, over a treadmill. (Business)
  • My phone number's other woman. (Sunday Review)
  • A kiddie kegger? (Sunday Styles)
  • Hotel rooms with charm, off the radar. (Travel)
  • Hidden gems of Europe. (Travel)
  • Veterans mortgage loans surge. (Real Estate)
  • Co-op board to buyer: Not at that price. (Real Estate)
  • In Miami, wondering about a high-end bubble. (Real Estate)
  • Amphibious car still waiting to catch a wave. (Automobiles)
  • Scrutiny for home appraisers as market struggles. (Business)
  • Billboards of the road get together in Maine. (Wheels)
  • Why you should use two-step verification online. (Bits)
  • Spring rolls from fall vegetables. (Well)
  • Struggl ing with anorexia on the Web. (Well)
  • Why we should take fewer pictures of our children. (Motherlode)
  • A blogger's care-giving chapter closes. (The New Old Age)
  • A risky lifeline for seniors is costing some their homes. (Business)
  • HPV vaccine doesn't alter sexual behavior, study finds. (Well)
  • Making money from Flickr photos. (Gadgetwise)
  • Seeking privacy in a networked age. (Bits)
  • Can you do much to prevent a stroke? (Well)