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Friday, October 26, 2012

App Snapshot: Swing State Overview

The Election 2012 App

What's happening in the key areas of the swing states that will decide the election. Even The Times can't be everywhere, so we're collecting the best political coverage from around the Web in the Election 2012 app. Here is our collection of battleground updates:


  • Romney Plays Offense on Autos in Ohio
    Mitt Romney warned that Jeep, a major employer in Ohio, was considering shipping automobile jobs overseas, but the Obama campaign quickly responded. (Politico)
  • Ohio Sees Enough Campaign Ads to Air Nonstop for 80 Days
    Some 17 outside groups have added their voices to the presidential race in Ohio, often with offbeat ads like an anti-Obama jingle and a homespun warning about socialism delivered by a Hungarian-born billionaire. (Bloomberg)

  • Can Ohio's Better Days Help Obama?
    The economy is bouncing back in what may be ground zero of the presidential campaign, but not everyone credits the president. (USA Today)
  • On One Ohio Street, Voters Weary of Election Promises
    Conversations on a middle-class block suggest voters have made up their minds. But many fear neither candidate can end their worries over growing health care costs, stagnating incomes and the feeble job market. (Journal subscription required.) (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Battlegrounds: ‘It's All About Northern Virginia'
    In 2008, President Obama ended a streak of 10 consecutive Republican presidential wins in Virginia, and he did it by winning big in the Northern Virginia suburbs, within an hour or so drive from the nation's capital. (CNN)
  • Even Unfriendly Turf Vital to Obama in Colorado
    Despite big Republican advantages, Obama supporters fight for votes in Southern Colorado among evangelicals and tens of thousands of active military personnel and retired veterans. (The Boston Globe)
  • Reid's Machine Powers Obama in Nevada Test
    Senator Harry Reid's political machine could hold the key to a victory for Mr. Obama in the economically ravaged state, as both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney seek coveted electoral votes. (The New York Times)
  • Early Voting 2012: A Snapshot of the Swing States
    In 2008, about 30 percent of the national vote was cast via early or absentee ballots. This year, the expectation is that about 40 percent of Americans will cast a vote early, observers said. (ABC News)
  • Romney Places TV Ads in Minnesota
    The Romney investment in Minnesota is described as a small buy that Democrats say is intended to draw media coverage and force the Obama campaign to spend there. (The Associated Press)