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Monday, October 29, 2012

App Snapshot: Romney\'s Move to the Middle and What Happens After Jan. 20

The Election 2012 App

The presidential candidates suspended their campaign activities on Monday because of the major Atlantic storm barreling into the East Coast. Voters can take advantage of the down time to examine the candidates' statements - in the past and about the future - a bit more closely. In any weather, we're collecting the most important politics news in the Election 2012 app.

The Boston Globe tracks how Mitt Romney's tone has changed since the Republican primary, and The Los Angeles Times looks at how he has used his running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin.

  • Romney's Shift to the Middle
    Here are statements Mr. Romney has made recently, contrasted with statements he made earlier in the election contest. (Globe subscription not required.) (The Boston Globe)
  • As Ro mney Edges Toward Moderation, Ryan Takes a Lower Profile
    As Mr. Romney highlights moderate views, care is taken to ensure he isn't upstaged by his conservative running mate. (The Los Angeles Times)

Mr. Romney's closing argument paints a picture of his “day one” in office, and President Obama said his “first order of business” in a second term would be the deficit.

  • Romney's Closing Argument a Picture of ‘Day One'
    Mr. Romney's final message will focus on tasks he hopes to take on during his first day in office if elected; all of the points relate to the economy, according to an outline. (CNN)
  • Obama Says ‘First Order of Business' in Second Term Would Be Deficit
    In an interview, Mr. Obama listed deficit reduction, immigration reform, education, and infrastructure as top priorities that he would tackle if he were re-elected. (The Hill)