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Thursday, October 18, 2012

App Snapshot: How Democrats in Red States Are Coping With Obama

The Election 2012 App

Counterintuitive partisan relations are the theme of the day in some of the most competitive Senate races. In the Election 2012 app, we're keeping up with all the developments in the presidential race, but we're also checking in on the other contests:

Democrats in the toughest races grow increasingly vocal in criticizing President Obama. Also, Maine's weird dynamic, and signs of continuing Republican enmity in Indiana.

  • Democratic Senate Hopefuls in Red States Wrestle With Threat From Obama
    Some are bashing the president, or, in the case of Senator Jon Tester of Montana, even tying their Republican opponent to the Democrat in the White House. (The Hill)
  • Negative Ads Reign in Maine Senate Race
    With Angus King, the independent former governor, beating both parties' candidates, Republicans are running attacks against him while pumping up the Democrat. (NPR)
  • Lugar Distancing Himself From Mailer That Says He Backs Mourdock as Replacement
    After losing a bitter primary, Senator Richard G. Lugar objected to a mailer's imagery of a torch passing from him to Richard E. Mourdock - though he has said he hopes Mr. Mourdock wins, so the Republicans can take the Senate. (The Indianapolis Star)
  • Election Guide: Senate Race Ratings (The New York Times)