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Friday, September 21, 2012

Doctors Say Romney and Ryan Are in Good Health


Mitt Romney is a “vigorous man” who has “reserves of strength, energy and stamina that provide him with the ability to meet unexpected demands,” his personal physician wrote in a letter released by the campaign on Friday.

The two-page letter said that Mr. Romney, 65, takes Lipitor daily to lower cholesterol in part because of a family history of cardiac issues, including heart attacks.

The doctor, Randall D. Gaz of Massachusetts General Hospital, said Mr. Romney will undergo regular cardiac evaluation with monitoring of his EKG and his heart rhythm.

But the doctor concluded that Mr. Romney had no “physical impairments” that would interfere with his ability to be president.

“He has shown the ability to be engaged in multiple, varied, simultaneous activities requiring complex mental, social, emotional and leadership skills,” Dr. Gaz wrote.

The doctor said that Mr. Romney also had a family history of prostate cancer and will undergo close observations of the prostate and “serial PSA testing and urologic examination.”

Mr. Romney's campaign also released a letter from Representative Paul Ryan's doctor, who also stated that his overall health is “excellent.”

The one-page letter from Brian P. Monahan, an attending physician for the United States Capitol, says that Mr. Ryan - a noted fan of intensive exercise - has a history of asthma that occasionally is treated with an inhaler. He also has a herniated disk and a prior knee insure.

“Your overall health is excellent,” Mr. Monahan wrote. “You have practiced important preventive lifestyle choices to include regular vigorous aerob ic and strength-building exercises, a heart healthy diet, smoking abstinence and infrequent alcohol use.”