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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another $100 Million Month for Romney and the R.N.C.


Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee raised about $100 million in August, a person briefed on the total said Tuesday.

The nine-figure haul is the Republicans' third $100 million month in a row, putting Mr. Romney on pace to be one of the most successful G.O.P. fund-raisers in history. Most of the money, raised in a series of joint party fund-raisers, will flow to the R.N.C. and other party committees participating in the effort, which can accept far larger checks from individuals than Mr. Romney's own campaign.

The August totals were shared with top Romney donors last week and reported Tuesday by Politico.

The joint arrangement - similar to one between President Obama and t he Democratic National Committee - is hoping to bring in a total of $800 million by the end of the cycle, slightly ahead of Mr. Obama's stated goal.

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