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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ways to Make Life Joyful


Paul Sullivan writes in his Wealth Matters column this week about a pursuit mainly for the wealthy - yachting.

While the market for yachts weakened significantly in the wake of the financial crisis, prices seem to have bottomed out and demand is rising again, Mr. Sullivan writes. Still, maintaining a yacht and paying for fuel remain expensive - a fact acknowledged by two owners Mr. Sullivan spoke to.

But both offered similar reasons for owning a yacht - the joy it adds to their lives.

While most of us could only dream of such an indulgence, there are many other ways to make life joyful, and they cost far less. We'll name a few - a day trip to the ocean, a week away from the office, a roller coaster ride, a meal meant to linger over. But we'd like to hear your suggestions.