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Monday, August 6, 2012

Romney Committees Raised More than $100 Million in July


Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee raised $101.3 million in July, his campaign announced Monday, as Republican donors rallied behind their nominee with the national convention only a few weeks away.

The figure keeps the Republicans on pace to bring in $800 million for the cycle, the target set by Mr. Romney's team in April. Roughly a quarter of the Republicans' haul, $25.7 million, came in donations of under $250, as Mr. Romney worked to increase his appeal among small donors.

The campaign, the R.N.C., and a joint fund established by the Republicans to raise presidential campaign cash ended July with $185.9 million in cash on hand. They did not disclose what proportion of the money would end up in Mr. Romney's campaign coffers, which can only accept $5,000 from each donor every election cycle, and how much to the R.N.C., which can accept more ten times that amount fr om each donor.

The strong fund-raising puts renewed pressure on President Obama to bring in more cash and underscores the near-certainty that Mr. Romney will remain financially competitive with an incumbent whose fund-raising prowess has long been a hallmark. Mr. Obama's campaign has not yet announced his numbers for July; all campaigns are required to report their fund-raising to the Federal Election Commission by August 20.

While Mr. Obama steadily outraised Mr. Romney in 2011 and early this year, he has also spent far more, amassing a campaign tab of more than $400 million with the Democratic National Committee through the end of June.