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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Democrats Outline Convention Schedule


WASHINGTON - Just when it seemed as if there could not possibly be any more red, white and blue speeches ringing across the airways from the convention floor, the Democrats are unveiling their counterpunch to the Republican show that has been under way all week in Tampa.

Unlike the Republican National Convention, which had to be cut short to three days because of Hurricane Isaac, the Democratic festivities in Charlotte, N.C., next week were always scheduled for three days, beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 4, and culminating on Thursday, Sept. 6, when President Obama will punctuate the convention with his prime-time acceptance speech, Democratic officials said Thursday.

But first, there will be feel-good Tuesday night, with speeches by the first lady, Michelle Obama, who will seek to counter Ann Romney‘s appearance this week with one of her own. Mrs. Obama will be joined Tuesday night by the convention's keynote speaker, J ulián Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, reprising the role Mr. Obama himself took in 2004 when he addressed the Democratic National Convention and introduced himself to the country. Mr. Castro will also serve as an in-your-face reminder, the Obama campaign hopes, of the president's support in the Hispanic community, since Latino voters will be crucial in swing states like Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

Wednesday night is attack night. Elizabeth Warren, who is trying to unseat Senator Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts, will offer up her particular brand of Democratic-base appeal, while former President Bill Clinton will play the part of Representative Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate who slammed Mr. Obama in Tampa, Fla., on Wednesday night. Expect to hear a broad takedown of the Republican agenda.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will appear before the hall on Thursday night around 9:30 p.m., right before his boss , and will offer up a testimonial on the Obama years, officials said. Finally, around 10 p.m., will come the president himself.