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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As Republicans Meet, Biden Will Campaign in Tampa


Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. plans to crash the other party's party. When Republicans gather in Tampa, Fla., next week to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul D. Ryan, Mr. Biden intends to be there as well, to campaign for the Democrats.

In a statement Tuesday announcing the trip, the Democratic ticket's campaign headquarters did not elaborate on exactly what the vice president would be doing, revealing only that next Monday and Tuesday, he “will travel to the Tampa area and other cities for campaign events.”

Presumably, Mr. Biden will not actually show up at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, the arena that will play host to roughly 4,400 Republican delegates and alternates starting Monday. But just by being in the same area code, he evidently hopes to steal a little of the Republicans' thunder as they open their quadrennial gathering. The convention is scheduled to formally nominate Mr. Romney for president and Mr. Ryan for vice president by Thursday, Aug. 30.

Traditionally, candidates of one party have tended to keep a relatively low profile during the other party's convention, but in recent years they have been less willing to completely cede the stage. President Obama, having scrapped his usual Martha's Vineyard summer vacation, plans to take a few days off at Camp David this weekend, but then he, too, plans to campaign next week during the first few days of the Republican convention.

Democrats will renominate Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden at their convention the following week in Charlotte, N.C.

Look for Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan to stay active that week, too. Perhaps a stop in the Tar Heel State for Mr. Ryan?